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Three Way Split

Three Way (Tour Tape) - 2018
Split with The Rita and MK9
Cassette, Limited Edition of 124
Neural Operations - NO 11

Ruslaka - Revisualizations

Revisualizations - 2018
Cassette, Limited Edition of 100
New Forces - NF057

Rusalaka / Whip Of The UFO

Split with Whip of the UFO - 2018
Cassette, Limited Edition of 40
Thankless - 91

Projekt Neue Ordnung II

Projekt Neue Ordnung II - 2017
Various Artists Compilation
4 × Vinyl, LP, Box Set
Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 111

Separate Anxieties

Separate Anxieties - 2016
Split with MK9
CDR edition of 200
Neural Operations NO 16 USA

Schematic Conversation

Schematic Conversation - 2015
Split with MK9
Cassette, Limited Edition of 100
Neural Operations NO 14 USA

Human Ignorance

Human Ignorance - 2015
Various Artists Compilation
4 × CDR + Cassette
Human Ignorance HI-88 USA

Drill The Invisible Body

Drill The Invisible Body - 2013
Various Artists Cassette Compilation
Enemata Productions USA

Blood Comes Away

Blood Comes Away - 2013
Cassette Album C20
Absurd Exposition - Canada

Under Foot

Under Foot - 2012
CDR Album Limited to 59
hand-numbered copies.
Lisca Records 012 - Italy

Rusalka / Bast

Split with Bast Cassette - 2012
Human Ignorance HI-60 USA

When It Rains It Pours Poison

When It Rains It Pours Poison - 2011
Various Artists Compilation CDR
What Is Making Us Sick - 01 Canada

Perpetual Repitition In The Frobidden Conduit

Perpetual Repetition In The Forbidden Conduit - 2010
Limited Edition Cassette Album, C20
Skeleton Dust Recordings SDR 026 USA

The Way of All Flesh

The Way Of All Flesh - 2010
Limited Numbered Edition CDR Album
Skinwalker SW 001 USA

Summer Hell Tour

Summer Hell Tour - 2010
Various Artists Compilation Cassette
2 × Cassettes, C20 USA

Missing Skin

Missing Skin - 2010
Cassette Album
Limited Edition of 15
Dead Audio Tapes DAT 112 USA

Gutter Touch

Gutter Touch - 2009
Cassette Album
Single Sided C40
Gaping Hole USA

Mother Insect Flesh

Mother Insect Flesh - 2009
CDR Album
Handsprayed CDr packaged in digipak.
Ruido Horrible rh044 Mexico

Ladys In Noyz

Various Artists Compilation - 2008
Spleencoffin Presents: Ladys In Noyz
3 × CD Box Set, Limited Edition
Spleencoffin SP-14-CD USA

The Best Things In Life

The Best Things In Life - 2008
Split Cassette with Taskmaster
Limited Edition, C30
Alienated Hominid Recordings AHR49 USA


Collaboration - 2008
Various Artists Cassette Compilation
Collaboration with Taskmaster
Limited Edition, C30
Phage Tapes PT:21 USA

Ruslalka - Untitled

Untitled - 2008
Album Cassette C30
What We Do Is Secret USA